We created Gate to be a direct route to the ideas that matter most.  A powerful idea can turn food into a following, objects into an obsession, and retail into a relationship.


The more we know about your company, relationships and customers, the more we can build the right strategy for you. We use qualitative and quantitative research along with informal insights to understand every aspect of your company voice, process, customer segmentation and how your brand resonates in the marketplace. From there, you can plan the best route to your customer’s unique from the competition. We pinpoint exactly where your brand sits in the market and build a strategic map to get you to where you want to be.


Once we determine where you currently sit in the market and how your are perceived by your customers, we will begin to craft an over-arching strategy that guides our work together and determines what you are going to say, how you are going to say it, and to whom you are saying it. This includes defining your voice in the marketplace, creating the emotional connections to your customers, refining your core principles and refreshing your brand presence in the outside world.


Once we have defined the essence of your brand voice, mapped your future position in the market, and targeted the audiences that we are seeking, we roll up our sleeves and bring all of it to life through visuals and words. We get to the heart of the matter by telling the stories that will create powerfully strong brands with deeply emotional connections to your customers. It is these connections that allow you to retain your customer base, to build a new audience and to expand your market share.


Part of a brand experience exists online; through websites, apps, digital advertising and social media. It is a part of the brand story, but today, often customers spend the most time with your brand this way. Using your strategic marketing plan as a blueprint, we use digital campaigns to get your brand, message and product in front of your specifically targeted audience. We build you a system that not only generates new leads but also nurtures those leads throughout your sales funnels. Built in tracking systems allow for continued measurement and optimization.

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