The frozen pizza aisle of a grocery store is crowded with well-known national brands. So, how do you create a delicious new brand to stand out in the packed frozen Pizza category?

Gate took a brand-design approach and researched the current frozen food category. Marketing research and in-store observation showed that many pizza brands have not evolved in a decade. This helped Gate identify market space for a new brand with an “in-your-face” attitude that was missing in the category. This brand insight led Gate to create an edgy, lo-fi, DIY-spirited underdog of a pizza brand.

The brand icon became a character called Fight’n Tomato who is an unsung hero fighting for the respect that all tomatoes deserve. And our fiery friend oozed enough bravado to allow future growth into other food categories. The brand launched on social media, and earned nationwide distribution with brands like Tops, Giant Eagle, H-E-B and several Kroger markets within 8 months.

Fighting Tomato Box