How do you create a coherent brand experience from parts acquired through years of acquisitions? That was PlayPower’s challenge. The company had grown dramatically over the years into a one-stop destination for all indoor and outdoor themed play equipment. Now it needed to create a unified brand experience with a fresh look and feel.

Gate used PlayPower’s bright and colorful brand elements to showcase the full breadth of PlayPower’s offerings – playground and outdoor lifestyle installations. Then Gate united the entire offering graphically. Gate updated the PlayPower website and created an evocative brand video demonstrating the brand’s global reach and broad capabilities. Gate also created a 78-page capabilities brochure to show how PlayPower’s twelve business units could collaborate for large and small integrated park projects to address all areas of client need. The PlayPower project demonstrates the Gate brand design approach- work as a true partner to create a brand experience that goes far beyond just graphic design.