Our Name

Our name is an analogy for an entry point – flight gate, trailhead, or simply where you are now – to take your journey toward creating a better brand. For every company, product, or service, the journey is different. Our job is to assess your path and set you in the right direction for a better customer relationship.

John Kreider, Founder & CEO
Timothy J. Prough, Creative Director
Rick Carbo, Account Director

Our People

We are a group of industry experts who are passionate about branding, storytelling, and helping businesses succeed. We are veterans in the industry who believe in balance. We encourage our people to explore. Fresh experiences make life enjoyable. Bringing these joyful experiences into our work provides us with a pantheon of unique approaches to solving both creative and business problems.

One must have inspiration to provide inspiration.

John Kreider, Founder & CEO

With a knack for stoking creative passion in others, John founded Gate on the idea that the best way to connect people to brands is through authentic storytelling. That raconteurial spirit continues to guide John, and his evangelism for authenticity has infected the entire Gate team (in a good way). 

John is passionate about traveling, spending quality time with his kids, quaffing craft beer, feasting on delicious food, sipping hard-to-find whiskey, and stopping way too often for impromptu photo opportunities. 

Timothy J. Prough, Creative Director

Part storyteller, part artist, part marketer, Tim is a life traveler and world observationist. With more than 18 years in the industry, Tim’s approach to art direction is focused on quality storytelling articulated through clean, clear, and minimalistic design. 

Nestled at the foot of the PA Blue Mountains, Tim enjoys exploring nature with his partner and two Salukis (which are apparently dogs), hosting adventures with friends, writing stories and poems with illustrations, and creating and running his Etsy Store, Hungry Head Design Shop. 

Rick Carbo, Account Director

With more than 20 years in marketing, communications, and advertising, Rick is more of an account whisperer than an account director. His clients love him, his team relies on him, and his family just tolerates the living heck out of him.

Rick enjoys traveling with his family, watching his daughter Quincy play sports, and showing off how crispy he can make pizza in his fancy wood-fired pizza oven. When not doting on his family or making pizza, Rick spends his time quietly and respectfully rooting for Philadelphia’s professional sports teams.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We strive to find those elusive moments that hide within a brand, product, or service that allows us to deliver the stories that build excitement, gain trust and retain customer loyalty. This drives us.

Most importantly, we love what we do. This is our life’s work and passion, and it shows with every piece of work that we execute. This satisfies us.

What makes Gate incredibly successful is that we serve the idea rather than ourselves or the people that hired us. We get out of our own way to allow the idea to flourish. And this comforts us.