Branding + Identity

Are your visual assets speaking the language of your brand? Essential to the execution of your brand strategy, brand design is the art and science of visually communicating your brand’s message in a memorable and impactful way.

Step one in Gate’s branding design service is discovering and articulating what’s unique about your company. In step two, we create a consistent and cohesive look and feel across all of your marketing channels, helping to differentiate your brand from your competitors on store shelves, in search results, and in the minds of your prospects.

Brand Research

What do consumers really think of when they reflect on your brand? Where does it fit in the marketplace? How does it stack up against every other option your customers have?

Answers to those questions, and many more like them, will drive everything you do, from your marketing campaigns to your product design and packaging. Gate’s brand research service is built on decades of experience in using those answers to deliver actionable insights into what drives purchasing decisions among your prospects.

Branding Strategy

Your brand evokes passion. It creates connections. It’s what brings your business to life. But it can’t do that on its own. Behind every brand experience that works is a brand strategy driving everything your company does — what you say, how you say it…and why.

Gate’s brand strategy service helps uncover the mutual beliefs that connect your brand with what matters most to your customers on the deepest levels, so you foster the emotional connections that activate an automatic “I must buy that!” desire.

Website Development

As the online face of your company, your website represents a singular opportunity to make a memorable first impression. It’s your chance to make prospects want to enter into a deeper relationship with your brand, or to click away and engage with your competitors instead.

As your web design agency, we recognize the power of these interactions and embrace the opportunity to drive engagement and shepherd prospects through each phase of the buyer journey — from introduction, to nurture, to close.

Integrated Marketing

Today’s consumers expect and demand consistency from your brand across every channel. Whether they’re seeing an ad, reading an email, browsing new releases on your website, or engaging with you on social media, consistency is crucial for creating and maintaining an all-important emotional connection.

Gate’s integrated marketing services help create a cohesive brand experience across every consumer-facing touchpoint. From social media interactions to package design and everything in between, integrated marketing results in a deeper connection with your brand, creating and maintaining customer interest, trust, and long-term brand loyalty.

Digital Management

Today’s marketing landscape means many potential customers will have their first experience — and spend most of their time — interacting with your brand through your website, apps, online marketing campaigns, and social media. That makes your digital presence a crucial part of building your brand’s story, and one of the main drivers of revenue.

Gate’s Digital management service uses your overall strategic marketing plan as a blueprint to build a digital marketing system that consistently and reliably attracts and nurtures new leads throughout your sales funnels. And because tracking systems are built in, we’re constantly measuring, improving, and optimizing your campaigns at every stage.