To thoroughly immerse ourselves in your brand, we begin with a discovery phase to develop a clear understanding of your company’s structure, needs, goals, and aspirations; the audience(s) you serve; and the market in which you operate and compete.

Discovery relies heavily on collaboration to gain valuable insights while delivering a well-defined understanding of the challenges and opportunities, the audience, specific needs, and the relationships between all of these elements.

The Why. We always ask this question because it gets to the root of your brand. Is your company’s purpose for existing to solve a problem, for notoriety, for a love of your product, or for creating experiences for your customers that are memorable and repeatable? Maybe the answer is all of these.

What’s Missing in Your Target Market. We work to identify areas of opportunity for your brand that you might be missing or not aligned with, so that you can dominate your market.

End Game. We provide deliverables that will make you stand out, defy/create trends, and scale to reach your audience(s).

Brand Design

How customers perceive and interact with your brand is the
foundation of your brand strategy. We use discovery and research to inform our exploration of messaging and market position. We identify opportunities to connect your story to customer touchpoints while considering the big picture – the overall brand experience.

The Relationships. It is critical to understand the relationship between a brand and its customers. We build on that relationship and nurture it so that we can grow your customer base over time.

The Look. Brand identity is the clothing your brand wears. Does your brand look established, confident, and built to last? We employ smart design choices that align with who you are as a company.

The Connections. We ensure your voice is heard through the most-effective audience touchpoints. We will connect your brand to new existing customers through website, social media, print/digital advertising, and video experiences.

Client Experience

Our account management style is built on open and frequent communication, from email updates on progress and project status to client calls and regular face-to-face meetings to present key deliverables and outcomes.

Program Governance. Before our projects start, we like to ensure a clear governance structure, and awareness of the team’s roles and responsibilities – both on the Gate and client side.

Communications Management & Status Reporting. Upon approval of the project, a Gate Account Director will be assigned to ensure you are provided with a consistent point of contact. Your account manager will provide strategic guidance on current projects and offer consulting on additional opportunities based off of ongoing communication with your team.

Resource & Task Management. Our program manager will coordinate the scheduling of required Gate resources and their assignment to appropriate tasks for the duration of the project.