An organization provides products and services. But a brand does something much different. 

A brand cultivates experiences, evokes passion, and creates connections between an organization and its customers. It brings a business to life.

What a brand doesn’t do, though, is come to life all on its own. It requires thoughtful cultivation and care. It requires a brand strategy. That’s where GATE comes in. 

What is a Brand Strategy?

A brand strategy is a framework that guides everything a brand does; how it walks, how it talks, and how it interacts with customers. It drives your marketing strategy, the tactics a marketing team deploys, and the messaging used when communicating to customers–both written and visual.

But the job of the brand strategy doesn’t end with marketing. From the design of your website to the way you answer your phone to the emotions your customer feels when they walk through your door – every ounce of your brand strategy should be poured into every facet of the brand experience. 

Does Your Brand Need a Strategy? Um, Yes!

In the now-famous words of one of our favorite marketing minds, Simon Sinek, “Customers don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”

Communicating your “why” is critical because it creates an emotional connection between you and your customer. And emotions drive decision-making, not logic. A brand strategy is your opportunity to influence that purchasing decision. It’s your chance to shape and share your “why.”

So, if you’re forgoing a strategy in lieu of simply communicating your product or service’s features and benefits, you might as well close up shop now. Tapping into a customer’s emotions and sharing your “why” is the only way to speak to the part of the human brain that says, ‘I must buy that!’

How to Create a Strategy for Your Brand

After our team determines where your business sits in the market and understands how you are perceived by your target customers, we sit down to craft a brand strategy that will guide the work we do together. 

We start with your “why” and get clarity around the mutual beliefs that connect your brand with what matters most to your customers.

Everything flows from there.  

We define your voice in the marketplace, develop the emotional connections between you and your customers, refine your core principles, and refresh your brand presence to the outside world. 

When you’re ready to develop a strategy for your brand, do the work to understand the purpose behind what you offer and how your “why” offers your customers something no one else can offer. Or solves a problem that you’re uniquely positioned to solve.

Next, spend time thinking about your target audiences. Seek to deeply understand their needs and wants. As yourself, “What matters most to them?” Remember that at the end of the day, your brand isn’t about you – it’s about your customers and how you serve them.

Ready to Embark on a Brand Strategy Journey of Your Own?

The members of the GATE team have decades of experience developing brand strategies that help organizations pursue their passion, deliver value to customers, and pave a path toward success.

Contact us to begin the conversation and embark on your brand strategy journey.