Your brand is more than just your logo and tagline. 

While you may sell a product or service, your brand should tell a story. It should evoke emotion, inspire loyalty, and drive behavior.  

And it’s your brand’s powerful visuals and prolific messaging that will transform it from a static concept to a living, breathing entity that your customers can connect with.

What Is Branding and Brand Identity? 

Branding is the process we use at Gate to create the visual and tactile elements of a brand’s story, values, and personality. It’s the frame that informs every aspect of how that brand looks, feels, and connects with the world around it.

From our branding work, we craft a brand’s entire identity. This identity can be broken down into four distinct parts: the visual, the verbal, the sensory, and the behavioral elements of the brand.

Visual: The visual elements of a brand identity are the most recognizable, especially for larger companies. Visual elements include color schemes, logos, typography, and other design elements.

Verbal: A brand’s verbal elements include its name, tagline, tone of voice, and how it communicates with its customers in both written and spoken form.

Sensory: A sensory element of a brand is anything that can be seen or heard but may not be visible in a company’s advertising. Examples of sensory elements include office design, uniforms, and scents used in physical retail stores.

Behavioral: Behavioral elements are those that are based on how customers interact with a company and how employees act when representing their employer.

Branding and Brand Identity Services at Gate

Our brand design services help bring your brand to life so you can grow your audience and your organization. We do this by developing a series of assets for your brand that include:

  • Brand Identity Guidelines
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Narrative
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Evolution/Iteration

Throughout our work, we get to the root of what your brand represents. 

From there, we develop visual and written content that convey the essence of your brand to use across all platforms and mediums—your website, social media accounts, business cards, letterheads, ads, etc.—until the brand is recognizable no matter where you see it. 

Ready to Begin Your Branding and Brand Design Journey?

The members of the Gate team have decades of experience developing brands that help organizations pursue their passion, deliver value to customers, and pave a path toward success. 

We are Gate. Let’s do this together. Contact us today to get started.