As a branding agency, you can imagine that we’re big believers in the power of branding to create emotional connections between companies and customers. 

To the same end, we’re also sticklers when it comes to brand consistency. If you’re producing a video to unveil a new product, the style, design, and messaging of that video must be consistent with every other element of that product’s brand – from its packaging design to the social media post announcing its debut.

Leveraging the power of a brand requires a consistent and cohesive design and messaging strategy across all channels. Or what we like to call Integrated Marketing.

What Is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is a branding approach that ensures an audience experiences a brand in a consistent way, regardless of the channel. For instance, if someone receives an email about your product, clicks to your website to learn more, then ultimately buys that product, the interaction with the brand should be consistent at each step in that customer journey.

An integrated strategy looks at every channel—your website, social media accounts, paid advertising, email newsletters, video, photography, packaging, and more. Integrating these channels allows your brand to clearly communicate with customers and shape one unified brand experience.

Why Your Business Needs Integrated Marketing 

You can’t rely on a single channel or platform to tell your brand story. And you can’t afford to confuse customers with mixed messages sprinkled across multiple platforms.  

Integrated marketing efforts ensure your social channels, presentations, sales materials, packaging – every sales and marketing tool that touches your brand – is singing the same song. 

When they are, you can give your customers a seamless and consistent experience – something your brand needs to do if it’s going to cultivate customer interest, trust, and loyalty.

Gate’s Integrated Marketing Services Give Your Brand a Consistent Experience 

Gate’s integrated marketing services will create a cohesive look and consistent message across all your marketing channels. 

Our full-service suite of integrated marketing services includes:

  • Print + Digital Advertising
  • Video + Production
  • Outdoor + Signage
  • Tradeshow Experience
  • Package Design
  • Print + Digital Collateral
  • Production

Regardless of what services your brand needs, we’ll help you develop stunning creative and crisp copy that embodies the essence of your brand and then tailor those marketing assets for each of your channels for a unified brand experience. 

Ready to Begin Your Journey? 

The Gate team has decades of experience creating integrated marketing campaigns. Let us put our expertise to work for your organization to help you reach your goals.

We are Gate. Let’s do this together. 

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