8th Avenue Food & Provisions

The Challenge
The CEO of 8th Avenue Food & Provision approached Gate and asked us to create an overarching name and supporting program strategy for his company’s internal brand. He wanted the name to be easy to understand and memorable.

The Solution
We collaborated by listing out all of the company’s current core beliefs and selected the strongest of the bunch: excellence, profitability, and innovation – or e.p.i.

We then created a program strategy for employee promotion, retention, and recruitment. This included employee awards, apparel, on-boarding kits, and an internal employee field guide that outlined the mission and goals of the company, an inclusive rallying cry for all employees – both senior and specialized. The success of this project lead to Gate revamping 8th Ave’s online hiring portal with visually stunning food photography of their product juxtaposed with employee lifestyle imagery. The CEO asked Gate to then employ the gorgeous food photography as wallscapes and framed images in the public areas throughout their corporate headquarters and several plants. The success of the online hiring portal also led to Gate hosting, updating and maintaining 8th Avenue’s main website and all four of its product websites – pasta, fruit & nut, nut butter, and granola.