EZ Dock

The Challenge
EZ Dock needed a makeover in the form of a brand refresh. Sales collateral was drowning in product specifications and product marketing materials lacked emotional appeal. The company’s broad product offerings needed to be unified in a clean, fresh visual identity. In short, marketing communications didn’t enhance the brand experience.

Our Solution
Gate transformed bland product content into an aspirational, lifestyle brand. Starting with the EZ Kayak Launch, Gate added visual appeal to the sales and marketing message touching customer’s rational needs, but also stimulating an emotional connection to the outdoors. The new EZ Dock materials challenge the customer to get out on the water and have an adventure. Headlines like, “Nature Is Waiting,” and “How Fun Gets on the Water,” accomplished this through online, video and print media. In the end, the company’s line of floating docks, PWC ports, kayak launches, and boat ports were unified under the company founder’s guiding belief that spending more time on the water is what life should be about.

EZ Dock has had double-digit sales growth since our rebranding efforts in 2016.