Identities Defined

The Challenge
At times, a client will come to us with a request to update their logo. Sometimes a new logo comes with a branding project. We sometimes get background information, sometimes not, but we always dig in to find the information needed to define the core of their brand.

Our Solution
We ask questions. We request all the information we can on the company and we research where this logo will appear in all applications. It’s a balancing act to move a company forward and pay homage to where they’ve been in a single mark, but we are proud when clients smile at their new “them.” Bittersweet when it’s no longer ours. Awesome when it becomes theirs.

TNT Crust

We took on the challege of updating the logo of the #2 Pizza crust brand in the country. We created a more contempory look to move the brand forward within it’s B2B market while aligning it with the consumer brand landscape.

Gunzey’s Hot Sausage

We took a family-owned product, only available at the local carnival, and created a logo that reflected Gunzey hot sausage origin story. Their sweet and spicy sausages are now sold in select supermarkets.

Original Logo Design

A collection of logos that we’ve created for large companies and small startups over the years.