Playworld Systems

The Challenge
Working with one of the top playground equipment companies in the world is a lot of fun. But PlayWorld isn’t all swing sets and monkey bars; it’s pretty serious business, too.

When PlayWorld Systems decided to help tackle the childhood play problem, Gate joined the fight. You see, fewer children are going outside to play. Recent studies confirm that kids between the ages of 10 and 16 are physically active for fewer than 15 minutes a day. Children today spend half the time playing outside as children did in the 1970s. How can we get more kids outside to play?

Our Solutions
Gate partnered with PlayWorld Systems to help them create and maintain marketing assets promoting more play.

Our work started with an understanding of the brand strategy. Then came tightly integrated messaging and branding materials to get the message across loud and clear. Ultimately, PlayWorld Systems got a brand refresh that energized marketing communications. The result is that PlayWorld’s internal marketing team has been able to grow revenue over 46% (between 2013-2016).

For Gate, the thrill of this project came from working with a client that measures success not just in dollars and cents, but in laughter, fun, and the sound of play. Who says brand design can’t be fun?