The Challenge
PureFlo not only needed a cosmetic brand refresh, but it also needed to fit in nicely with the well-established Gentex Corporation’s portfolio of brands. Gate’s objectives were to 1. reposition PureFlo’s powered air-purifying respirators (PAPR) as the premiere solutions-based source for respiratory protection in the industrial, nuclear and pharmaceutical sectors; and 2. elevate the brand to equal the work we were doing for Ops-Core and Gentex aircrew divisions.

Our Solution
We began by launching a new program that focused on the multiple industrial uses of the PureFlo 3000 PAPR. With specific voice and tone, we capitalized on capturing additional customer segments in our push for larger market saturation. We created stylish sizzle videos to highlight the features and benefits of the products when used within harsh environments, incorporating 3D technology and animation to showcase product features and benefits. To further build brand trust and increase market awareness, we supported our initiative with digital ads, brochures, trade show materials, landing pages and product how-to videos.